Small Things You Can Do Right Away

Take advantage of our pre-semester syllabus peer review.

  • The CS-IDEA committee offers a free peer response service for faculty.  Email us your syllabus two weeks before the semester starts for a free peer response with concrete suggestions for IDEA-centric language.
  • Also, review the CS-IDEA tips and resources for syllabus creation.

Try one of Cynthia Lee's tips for what you can do at the start of the semester, mid-semester, and end of semester.

Join the College of Science and Engineering grassroots Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Alliance

Visit the Faculty Fighting Racism site

Faculty Fighting Racism was created by the Graduate School Diversity Consultation Team as a first step in the process of understanding what it means to be anti-racist.


Review the Resources and Best Practices for Improving Pedagogy

This page was created by CS&E faculty to compile resources and a quick self-assessment that can help us to implement best practices as we regularly review and improve our own teaching methods.

Resources for Rethinking and Revising CS Curriculum


NSF Broadening Participation in CS Plan Resources

  • NSF's new BPC plan requirement provides a wonderful opportunity and also raises a number of questions about how to go about writing a plan and how to connect it to our department's plan (currently in development).
  • This is the definitive white paper that makes the case for and describes NSF's BPC pilot effort going on now.
  • Additional information and links can be found on the CISE BPC webpage and also in their BPC slide deck.
  • Intended primarily for department-level plans, the BCPnet Resource Portal acts as a clearing house for departments to partner with relevant organizations.
  • For individual faculty, one of BCPnet's most useful resources is a set of helpful articles.
  • When submitting a BPC plan with a NSF grant proposal, PIs can write their own plan or build upon a department BPC plan, adding a page to describe how their own goals and activities link to the department's plan.  Our department's plan is in development this semester (Spring 2020) -- feel free to contact the CS-IDEA committee for more information.

Understanding Diversity and Responding within CS Research Communities

A number of CS research communities are doing interesting things around diversity.  Here are some links to some successful activities that could be inspirational for your own CS research community whatever that may be.  (Note:  This is an inspirational, not exhaustive list, and many of the conferences/communities highlighted below are doing multiple great activities.  This list just  

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Training Opportunities Available to UMN Faculty

National Reports, Articles, and Other Links

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